Our name guides our decisions, attitude and how we interact with clients, suppliers, and our fellow associates.  Our goal is to treat each person we come into contact with “the way we want to be treated.”


GR team-members always try to do the right thing.

Their word is their bond.  When they say they’re going to do something, they do it; if they make a mistake, they own it and do what it takes to make it right; if they see something that needs doing or fixing, they do it or fix it.

GR team-members are always willing to pitch in and help.

Our associates are busy every second of the day at their jobs, but when there is a call for all hands on deck GR associates know that means all hands. They stop what they’re doing and pitch in whenever their team — or any team — is in a crunch situation.

GR team-members know how to be a good teammate.

Our team understands that it doesn’t matter how good you are at your job if you’re not a good teammate. At GR, we rely on working together to collaborate and support each other to get our projects done.

GR team-members are on time.

GR associates show respect for their co-workers and our clients by being on time.

GR team-members work hard — really hard. 

 At GR, every day is game day, and our associates come ready to play every single day.

GR team-members strive to have a good work/life balance.

GR associates are focused during the work day, but when work is done they set it aside and focus on the other things in their lives.

GR team-members always keep the client the priority.

GR associates know we’re in business to improve more than just the homes of our customers. They understand that our goal is to improve their lives by giving them respect, kindness, and a smile.  We only succeed when our customers feel valued.

GR team-members learn from their mistakes and learn to “fail fast.”

Everyone makes mistakes and fails.  What’s important is how quickly you fail and how you respond after the mistake or the failure. GR associates own it, do what’s necessary to make it right, and learn from it.

GR team-members know that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

They know that their hard work provides for those they love.  They also know that our culture encourages giving to those in need and that each project provides resources for others who may be less fortunate.

Golden Rule did a wonderful job with the replacement of our front and back porch as well as replacement of an entire wall that had water damage! The guys are very good as well as honest gentlemen! I recommend Golden Rule to everyone I know! Thank you!
— Rhonda
Everyone at Golden Rule that I came in contact with were professional, prompt, meticulous with whatever job they were doing. It was a pleasure to have GR in my home I love my beautiful new kitchen.
— Vicky